Affiliated Contractors/Tradesmen

As a service to the local community, we provide the following list of contractors and trades.*

  • Beo Construction Ltee
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-1437
    Cell: 506-473-0437
    Fax: 506-473-9477
    Contact: Albeo Leclerc
  • Maurice Moreau Construction Ltee
    Specialty: General & Commercial
    Tel: 506-473-2804
    Cell: 506-473-0286
    Fax: 506-473-7190
    Contact: Maurice Moreau
  • Jumeau Construction
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-5469
    Fax: 506-475-1113
    Contact: Michel Bernier
  • Bee Energy Saver 1991 Ltd.
    Specialty: New Wall System & Insulation
    Tel: 506-553-9991
    Fax: 506-553-6507
    Contact: Rosaire Lagace
  • J.P. Construction Ltee
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-3605
    Cell: 506-473-0483
    Fax: 506-475-8875
    Contact: Jean Paul Moreau
  • Dependable Drywall 2013
    Specialty: Drywall, Joint Filler & Painting
    Tel: 506-473-3597
    Cell: 506-475-9735
    Contact: Normand Thibodeault
  • Joey Ouellette
    Specialty: General & Commercial
    Tel: 506-479-0076
    Cell: 506-479-0076
    Contact: Joey Ouellette
  • Donald Moreau
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-5910
    Fax: 506-473-7209
    Contact: Donald Moreau
  • Rene Durepos Construction
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-475-8014
    Cell: 506-479-1814
    Contact: Rene Durepos
  • Alyre J. Ouellette Construction
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-1104
    Cell: 506-479-0769
    Contact: Alyre Ouellette
  • Alfred Dube
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-2454
    Fax: 506-473-2454
    Contact: Alfred Dube
  • Maconnerie Sauvageau Masonery
    Specialty: Brick Layer Mason/Briqueteur
    Tel: 506-426-9225
    Cell: 506-426-9225
    Contact: Patrick Sauvageau
  • Gerard Beaulieu Dalle
    Specialty: Installation of 5" Seamless Gutter
    Tel: 506-553-1017
    Cell: 506-475-5208
    Contact: Gerard Beaulieu
  • Grand Falls Roofing Ltd.
    Specialty: Roofing Specialist
    Tel: 506-473-4510
    Cell: 506-475-5022
    Fax: 506-473-4582
    Contact: Maurice Michaud
  • Paul Davis Systems of NorthWest NB
    Specialty: Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration
    Tel: 506-473-4555
    Cell: 506-475-7496
    Fax: 506-473-4544
    Contact: Marc Morin
  • Andy Michaud Roofing
    Specialty: Roofing Specialist
    Tel: 506-426-0365
    Cell: 506-426-0365
    Contact: Andy Michaud
  • Tip Top Roofing
    Specialty: Roofing Specialist
    Tel: 506-473-5574
    Cell: 506-475-3435
    Contact: Yves Michaud
  • Mike Plourde
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-5475
    Cell: 506-479-2116
    Contact: Mike Plourde
  • Bouchard & Fils Construction
    Tel: 506-475-8787
    Cell: 506-475-8787
    Contact: Shawn Bouchard
  • Mark Mulherin
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-475-3515
    Cell: 506-475-3515
    Contact: Mark Mulherin
  • Transit Construction Inc
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-6733
    Cell: 506-473-0322
    Fax: 506-473-6815
    Contact: Daniel Tardif
  • Du-Rep Entreprises Ltee
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-2688
    Cell: 506-475-5058
    Fax: 506-473-5779
    Contact: Danny Durepos
  • Michel Castonguay
    Specialty: General
    Tel: 506-473-3183
    Cell: 506-475-3888
    Contact: Michel Castonguay
  • Gillespie R-26 foundation
    Specialty: Concrete
    Tel: 506-473-5434
    Cell: 506-473-0216
    Fax: 506-473-5433
    Contact: Dana Gillespie
* Drummond Building Supplies Limited does not warrant the reliability or services of any of the contractors or tradesmen listed on this website. Any reliance placed on the information provided is at your sole risk. We are under no obligation, to make amendments to the information. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at Drummond Building Supplies.

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