We supply engineered roof and floor trusses for residential, agricultural and commercial projects - solutions to maximize performance while minimizing costs. The advantages are high strength-to-weight ratios, longer spans than conventional framing, with greater design flexibility in floor plan layouts.

Complex shapes and unusual designs are easily accommodated using wood trusses, and they provide an economical framing solution as well as reduce onsite theft. Trusses can be installed in as little as half the time of conventional framing.

Drummond Building Supplies provides a full line of pre-engineered wood products such as LVL (laminated veneer lumber) and engineered floor systems, and supply superior framing components for complicated designs like a large house build or small backyard shed or garage. Contact us today for advice, or get a quote!

Engineered Products:
° I beams
° Rimboard
° Engineered Wood Hangars